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Kidney Failure
Other Major Kidney Diseases

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"Save Your Kidneys"
is a book in Assamese language for the prevention of kidney diseases and education of kidney patients.

Incidence of kidney diseases is increasing very fast and awareness about same is very low in society. Cost of therapy of advance stage of chronic kidney diseases is prohibitively high. So prevention and early diagnosis is the need.

"Save Your Kidneys" is a complete, compact and practical guide on all major kidney problems, Written by Dr. Pranamita Kalita, Dr Ramen Kumar Bashiya, & Dr. Sanjay Pandya

Contents of this book are divided in to two groups. First part contains all basic information about kidney and major kidney diseases as well as their prevention. First part is aimed for all those individuals who value awareness.

Second part contains basic information about early diagnosis, care and treatment of common kidney diseases, which every patient and their family needs to know.

Book is prepared with large experience of authors to treat kidney patients. So this book will provide answers of all question frequently asked by kidney patients about their diseases and normal individual about prevention of kidney problems.

Book Details

"Save Your Kidneys"
Author : Dr. Pranamita Kalita, Guwahati, India
Dr. Ramen Kumar Bashiya, Guwahati, India
Dr. Sanjay Pandya - Rajkot, India

Year of Publication : First Edition – 2016
Format : Hand book, Paperback, 210 pp