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The kidneys are amazing organs that play a major role in keeping our body clean and healthy by flushing out unwanted wastes and toxic materials. Though their primary function is to remove toxins from the body, it is not their only function. The kidneys also play a crucial role in regulating blood pressure, the volume of fluid and electrolytes in the body. Although most of us are born with two kidneys, just one suffices to effectively carry out all important tasks.

In recent years, there has been a disturbing increase in the number of patients suffering from diabetes and hypertension that has led to a noticeable increase in the number of patients suffering from chronic kidney disease. This calls for better awareness and understanding of kidney diseases, their prevention and early treatment. Hopefully this book will address it aims to help the patient to understand kidney related diseases provides answers to frequently asked questions and be better prepared to deal with them.

The initial part of the book introduces readers to the kidney, its a vital roles in the human body, and suggests measures for prevention of kidney related diseases. The book deals with causes, symptoms and diagnosis of the dreaded disease, and also informs the readers about various treatment options that are available. In addition, a major portion of the book is devoted especially to matters concerning kidney patients and their families, as the authors deem this important part of patient care with kidney disease.

A special chapter focuses on care to be taken during early stages of chronic kidney diseases and how to attempt to, slow down the progression of kidney disease to the point of requiring dialysis and even transplantation. Detailed useful information about dialysis, kidney transplantation and cadaver transplantation is also given separately. To make the book a more complete guide for kidney patients, it include information about common kidney problems (other than kidney failure); myths and facts about kidney diseases; golden rules to avoid and prevent kidney diseases; tips about common drugs used by kidney patients and much, more.

Since diet is a very important area of concern and confusion for patients of chronic kidney disease (CKD), a separate chapter is devoted to this subject matter. It advises patients on precautions to be taken as well as selection of proper and adequate diet. The glossary at the end, explains all abbreviations and technical terms used throughout the book.

Disclaimer: Information provided in this kidney guide is for educational purpose only. Please do not indulge in any self diagnosis or treatment on the basis of the knowledge gained by the use of this book. You must always consult your doctor or other health professional for treatment.

Know Your Kidney - Prevent Kidney Diseases.